Sunday, 22 May 2016

How to find Lost / Stolen Phone |2 Effective Ways

If you have recently lost your phone or if it has been stolen or if you don't know then you are at right place,in this guide i am describing two different processes which can help you in finding your phone.

I personally lost my device and found it by the second method -it really works-

  • First method:

Using google Device Manager

This method involves tracking of your phone using google device manager which works using your google account.
It requires that you should be signed in to your google account(obviously all uses google account in their phones). You can accurately trace your mobile phone using this.
  1. First, you need another android phone with internet connection,and using your browser search for "Device manager" and then sign in using that account which is in that LOST device.
  2. Then you will find the list of those devices which are attached to that google account(with which you signed in the browser and that is in your lost mobile phone)
  3. Then select the device you wants to locate and as shown in the picture you will get the accurate location.That's it!!

Major requirements to use this methods:

  1. The lost phone should be switched on(this is biggest drawback,as thief can switch off the phone easily and can remove the SIM card).
  2. Location services should be turned on for google account i.e. to access your location only in case if your device is lost.
  3. Data connection should be turned on.
If you can't track your device by this method you can simply erase or lock device,so will be totally unusable unless you unlock it using device manager again.

  • Second method:
Using IMEI number

This method requires the use of  International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Number.
This method involves to trace IMEI number and to find which SIM is being used(or registered) on your phone's IMEI and to catch the victim.
This is totally practical method.You need go police station and several places,but finally you will get your device for sure!!

This process involves:
  1. First you need the IMEI number of your lost/stolen phone.You can easily get it from the bill/reciept of your phone or from the original box in which the phone came when you bought it.  Note: If you have lost your original box,then you can IMEI number from google dashboard,simply sign in to dashboard and then go to "android",there you will see your device name and the IMEI number also.
  2. After you got your IMEI number then write an application (use carbon paper when writing that application,one copy you will require)  to police department requesting them to search for your phone and to block the SIM card with the IMEI  number provided!!
  3. After they will approve your request(they will also charge you some small money also).They will say you to wait 2-4 days but actually they were not searching for your device.Because they knows that the thief would not immediately insert a new sim you should wait at-least 10 days. 
  4. Call regularly to police station to check for the status of your lost phone,this will apply some pressure on them to search for your phone or to trace the IMEI number used by thief.
  5. Now, the main point if they didn't did have surveillance system in their office, ask for the permission to go to S.P./S.S.P office.

NOTE: Here only,they can help you track your IMEI and can find the details that which SIM card from which operator is being used in your phone.
By this they will give you the phone number that is being used in your phone,and some police officers can easily find those details from the appropriate telecom operator.

This method is not very typical(it looks typical only),i described it fully,from start to finish.It will be easy for you if you have persons that are very close to the S.P. office!! gOOD luck 

And don't believe those who claims to track your IMEI number online,because this process involves the use of whole database,that is not available to anyone.

Comment in the section below,if you need help in some other things.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to secure your wireless router |No Spamming

§     Your router is the first obstacle that comes in the way of a hacker or it can be your neighbor. Believe or not but all routers can be hacked,
*Sometimes we blame our internet providers for the slow speed of internet but no one watches the LED blinking very rapidly on the router-THAT’S THE CAUSE-“someone is using your network”.
So, you should tighten your security of your network.

§  *Remember, if anyone got into your network then it is possible for it to get your private information very easily. Either hacker can redirect you to rogue DNS or can SNIFF your network traffic.

§      It is a good idea to use a pass-phrase |“what a joke”
But it’s true some users don’t uses a password.

From where to start?

§      First change the default settings that came with your router when you bought it. In default your wireless password should be “1234512345” (for most wep/wpa routers).
You should use a good password that can not cracked by anyone.Always try to use those passwords which are not possible to be used by anyone(incase hacker uses dictionary attack).

BUT DON’T FORGET TO USE WPA2(the latest security).
But I hope you already did these steps.

So what to do?

§      The question starts from here:
And the answer is: you have made a good network security but it is not fully secured-

These steps you should Follow:

         Change your default SSID
First,change the default SSID (name of your wireless network e.g. “D-link 1234”),so hackers can not know about router model.

Use a special password
Use a password that contains symbols,letters(both small and capital) and numbers also.A good password should look like this- mE124@tech-fellow , adbh45%&*  etc

Hide your SSID broadcasting
You can disable SSID broadcasting from your router’s settings.this can be helpful,so unwanted users can not find your SSID.but you need to enter your SSID when connecting to network.
But a hacker can find your SSID easily(using linux)

Enable router firewall

Many router has firewall that can be enabled.if available , then I suggest to enable this feature,it adds an extra layer of security to your network.

Enable wireless MAC filtering

Wireless MAC(media access control) filter can control/prevent  an user to connect to your network.MAC filter in your router’s setting consists of two options:

(1)Allow association/deny association
(2)You can specify a mac address and allow/deny association,so he can not connect to your network.It doesn't matter either he knows knows password or not.

And the most important step

 Update you router’s firmware regularly
The main problem with the people is that they don’t updates the firmware of their routers, and get hacked, just because all routers come in market contains some vulnerabilities. Due to this manufacturers provides updates!!
You can update your router at home at yourself,but if you finds problems you can call your network specialist because it is very IMPORTANT.

It is very easy to update,first enter your default gateway into your browser(type ipconfig in cmd and you’ll get it),then login to your router using your username and password,then go to maintenance tab and find the update for your router(you can also contact your router’s manufacturer).


§      Change your password frequently, if hacker got your password so he cannot use it for a long time.

§      Don’t speak your SSID in front of your neighbours, they will know about it if they didn't knows until.

§     You can use online password generators to generate a good password and can know its strength.

§  MAC filter didn’t works every time, as I mentioned earlier it can be changed easily,so use some softwares to find that who is using your wifi.

§     If your router did not supports wpa or higher then you should replace it now!!!(wep can be cracked within half-an-hour,how strong the password is).

I already sorted some routers check themon amazon”

Comment below if you are facing problems related to networking, i will give the solution immediately!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Make money online on internet |6| easy ways

First of all,do not think about money think about what you like most doing on internet

There are much ways on internet..but i'm explaining the main items that completes the list

  • By blogging:

Believe or not!, but blogging is the best way to earn money online.Some people says that it didn't works for them but really it requires patience.Its not easy but some hardwork can help you in paying some bills.
If you are serious then you are at right place.You can make lot of money from blogging but like other buisness 'es ,it is not guaranteed.

How it works:
On blog you have to write articles on any topic you like,
search engines like google,yahoo search's for the content and generates traffic and by this your blog gets more popular.
It depends on your hard work.It can take one month for your blog to be popular or can take few days..your income increases day by day.inserting ads is the main task to do.
In your blog you can insert advertisements or affiliate links also.

  • Affiliate jobs:

Affiliation is the process by which you can promote a product of a company and company gives you "commission".nowadays, it is second most popular online job in India.
In this process only you have to generate a unique link by which a client can be redirected to the directed page.
the commission rate varies from 4-10%..these days e-commerce sites like amazon , Snapdeal are best for affiliate jobs.
  • Freelancing:

Each day you comes across fraud sites or links that claims you to credit money,but actually they are one can earn anything without working.Freelancing is also much popular in big countries.
It is very simple to start , a user/client posts tasks,that he wants to be done by any have to only complete those tasks..
You don't have to worry about anything because you don't have to do much ..if you are experienced in that field then the job becomes very easy.
Only you have to register your details/profile and start earning!!
  • Links sharing:
It is also a way to get some cents in your pocket.
You can shorten some specific URLs and share them on social media and other websites,
whenever an user clicks on your link it will be redirected to the ad page before reaching the target link,and that's it!!
adFly is a very popular in this feild.

how it works?
In order to earn credits from this you have register your profile on popular link shortening services like adfly,etc
it also requires a big reach to social media sites like facebook,twitter (as i mentioned earlier)
providers pays you for like 10$ for 1000?or more clicks..
It works but not easy for everyone to share so many links.

  • Online Surveys:
Companies wants to know opinions for their products ..they wants to know that how their product is performing in the market,there are two ways to do that :
i)you can make collect surveys from different users and earn the credits.
ii)Or you can register your name on survey collecting websites and help them completing surveys and they will pay you instead of that.
  • Earning from youtube:

Last but not the least...Youtube can be a good way for those who can shoot their own videos.
there are some websites which pays for Youtube likes and shares,the user got.Normally the share is 40% for google and 60% for User
Youtube is the biggest video sharing website.So there should not be much problem in advertising of the video.
but remember it requires original content(as old content will already be seen by people).

On your youtube channel you can use affiliate marketing and sponsorships also.

Comment below if you are interested in any of the tasks above..I will share with you the links :) and don't forget to reply if you know about other sources also.